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Italian Espresso Cappuccino

Italian Espresso

An Italian espresso ganache covered in dark chocolate.


Enjoy a miniature cappuccino in a milk chocolate cup capped with white chocolate.

Toasted Almond Coffee Dark Earl Grey Tea

Toasted Almond Coffee

A miniature cup of toasted almond coffee topped with a toasted almond sliver.

Dark Earl Grey Tea

An Earl Grey tea ganache surrounded by dark chocolate.

Chamomile Mango Wild Berry Tea

Chamomile Mango

A white chocolate ganache infused with chamomile mango tea in a crisp dark chocolate shell.

Wild Berry Tea

Wild Berry Tea infused ganache in a milk chocolate shell.

Jasmine Tea Chai Tea

Jasmine Tea

Dark chocolate ganache infused with jasmine tea covered in dark chocolate.

Chai Tea

Milk chocolate ganache infused with chai tea and enrobed in milk chocolate.

White Green Mint Tea Hot Chocolate

White Green Mint Tea

Dark chocolate ganache infused with green mint tea and enrobed with white chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a miniature hot chocolate in a dark chocolate cup capped with white chocolate.