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Dark Ginger Wasabi Red Hot

Dark Ginger Wasabi

The exotic taste of ginger and wasabi mixed with dark chocolate covered in dark chocolate and topped with black sesame seeds.

Red Hot

Add a little spice to your day with a dark cinnamon, ancho chile, and chipotle chile pepper ganache covered in dark chocolate.

Dark Gingerbread Candied Hazelnut Gianduja

Dark Gingerbread

Dark chocolate ganache with gingerbread spices enrobed with dark chocolate and topped with candied ginger.

Candied Hazelnut Gianduja

Milk chocolate gianduja in a dark chocolate cup topped with a chocolate-covered hazelnut and sprinkled with fine sugar.

Hazelnut Gianduja Pistachio

Hazelnut Gianduja

Smooth and creamy hazelnut gianduja with milk and dark chocolate enrobed in dark chocolate.


A dark chocolate and pistachio ganache enrobed with dark chocolate and topped with a pistachio.